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The Wiz [1975 OBC]
Ease On Down The Road

365 Showtunes DAY 234: THE WIZ - Ease on Down the Road

I think, whenever I have a free day over the next little while, I’m going to post a bunch of high-energy, happy, tap-your-toes type songs. Just because I’m been a bit down lately and I think everyone can use a pick-me-up with the end of summer approaching.

I think this is a good place to start! 

"Writers block is the ultimate tease. It’s going to be, well… good. Eventually."

Jynx (via jynxsis)

"If I woke up one morning and realized that all I ever was going to be was a business man, I’d probably die. All my dreams would be shattered. Early in life I had many dreams. I dreamed of being a great basketball star. I dreamed of being a preacher. I dreamed of saving the world from war and racism. And I dreamed of being a great poet. Today, I dream only of writing."

Harley King (via writingquotes)



Jeremy sings my pals’ tune and it’s frickin good.

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Chaplin [2012 OBC]
Where Are All The People?

365 Showtunes DAY 233: CHAPLIN - Where Are All The People?

I didn’t get to post a song last night, so here’s yesterday’s song - talking as if it was yesterday.

Today, in 2012, this show performed its first preview on Broadway. 

I got to see this show at its final performance.

I’m sure it was just as magical on day the first as it was on day the last. It was really, really, special.

"Write it down, girl. Tell everyone how much it hurts. Sharing will make it easier to bear."

Terri L. Jewell (via csrcalloway)

I’m compiling a list of all the musical theatre recordings I have.



OBC = Original Broadway Cast
OOBC = Original Off-Broadway Cast
OLC = Original London (/West End) Cast
BRC = Broadway Revival Cast
OBRC = Off-Broadway Revival Cast
LRC = London (/West End) Revival Cast

I haven’t updated this list in a long time, so here it is! Total number of albums: 249!

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"The single biggest problem with openings is that writers have a tendency to want to begin at the beginning. They want to start where it all happens first so they don’t leave anything out. But the truth is nothing starts at the beginning, at least not since the time of Adam and Eve. Everything starts in the middle of something else, and that’s where it ends, as well. So you might as well jump in somewhere interesting as somewhere boring, and bring the pieces of the story and its characters together as you go along. Choosing the important components of your story ahead of time – and discarding the unimportant ones - will help you do that."

Terry Brooks (via writingquotes)

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